• Clearing Space- The real Way To Use Palo Santo + Clearing Herbs

    Well here we are, in a new place, with new opportunities and a new start. Just when you thought that moving was going to be the cure to all of your...
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    What is a Chakra?
  • Mercury Retrograde : November 2018 Edition

    Mercury Retrograde again !? What does it all mean?
  • Hello From The Other Side : Mercury Is Back Direct!

    Mercury Has Gone Back Direct And All Of The Shadows That Crept Out Of The Closet During The Retrograde Have Slowly Retreated... Until Next Time. ...
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    Mercury is in Retrograde and the world is feeling it!
  • Solful Sunday

    July 9th 2017 was the awakening of the full moon in Cancer. The magic was alive and in full bloom as we met at Whittier Mill Park for our first bi-...
  • Passion Flower incarnata

    Passionflower Herb is known for aiding in anxiety, depression, and sleeplessness.
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    Do you enjoy avocados?
  • Highlighting Black Owned Businesses

     We want to shine some light on black owned businesses. Our first black owned business is TLH Express, a trucking company founded in 2013 by Terrel...
  • Does it elevate you?

     Do NOT fuel your mind, body and soul with garbage and expect flowers.

    Now, we understand that you may have circumstances, such as a grouchy co-worker, a trigger that always reminds of you a horrible experience etc. That is why we have decided to make this into a blog series.

  • Welcome To Our Online Lit Community ! Blog Life: Exhale

    Welcome to Exhale! Learning to let go is apart of life. Many times, we want to be progressive towards our goals, but there are uncontrollable aspe...