Before you become a Georgia Peach 101

Hey my fellow northerners!

I hear a lot of people constantly tell me they want to move down to Georgia, or how I am so lucky to get the opportunity to live in Atlanta (technically I live a bit outside of the city, like 20 good minutes), and for sure you are right about that one. I got VERY lucky.The state of Georgia is one of the most beautiful that I have seen thus far, and the drive down here was even more mesmerizing because of the mountains decorating Tennessee. When I arrived here I was in awe of how spacious our home was, and that I got my OWN BATHROOM IN MY ROOM. My family was here and I celebrated my sister graduating with her Master's Degree from Georgia State University (very proud sister). It was spring time in Atlanta, 75 degree weather, and so many activities going on! Needless to say I came at the best time to be sucked right in to becoming an ATLien. 

Now If you follow my blog, you will recall me blogging about my experience being here after 3 months and how I basically had no plan (Crazy Libra). I have progressed a bit since last year after pretty much setting myself up for failure when I arrived here. So with that being said I wanted to share some helpful tips for you all who aspire to become a Georgia Peach in your near future! So get your pen and paper and a glass of wine because... wine not? Here ya go!

1. Dolla Dolla Bills Ya'll!

Save money before you move ! If you do not have money in your savings account, but you have already purchased a one way plane ticket, what are you doing sis? You are setting yourself up to depend on others and live paycheck to paycheck that is what! You will need money for food, gas, first month's rent (if you haven't found a job yet you might need some cushion money to glide through 1 or 2 months), any kind of emergencies, and maybe you want to have a little fun! Always have some money to fall back on because it hurts when that cushion isn't there to catch you!

2. Planning to not plan?

The worst thing you can do is move somewhere without a plan! The world is your oyster but without a plan you will sink to the bottom of the ocean with a weight attached to your ankle! Create a success board. How will you progress in six months? How will you progress in a year? In a year and a half? Think about what motivated you to move and keep that at the front of your ship to guide you in your new endeavors! Plan it out and you've got this in the bag!

3. Roomate for Sale?

Rent in Georgia was a culture shock to say the least. what I pay with 3 roommates here, is about how much I paid alone, in a 2 bedroom apartment, with my boyfriend and my dog in Michigan. So needless to say, get a roommate babe! It wont hurt your pockets or your pride because more than half of Georgian Millennials are living with someone else! Atleast until you score that bomb job and buy that life-size barbie dream house you have always wanted! What a good way to meet new people and have someone to get food or drinks with on the weekends (or weekdays because ATLiens never sleep).

4. Motivation Motivation Motivation!

Remember what drove you down here. Remember that you deserve all things beautiful, and new. And that if you were not supposed to be down here in this time and space you would not have made it! It is not a walk in the park to move to a new state (especially if you missed my first 3 tips). You're extraordinary and you can only flourish from here so never doubt yourself! If you need a little extra motivation try listening to some motivational podcasts or read some great books, even dance it out if you need to!!

5. Explorer no Dora

Get out and explore all that Georgia has to offer! The art, the culture, the food, the entertainment, and just pure beauty of this state is enough to make you stay forever!. Meet people! There are so many meet up groups with just people who need to get out of their comfort zones (such as yourself my love). You never know who you might meet or what you might do and it could change your life forever! Take a risk and fly because Georgia is here to catch you!

Well that's it, that's all I've got for you beautiful people, for now. I am still learning and growing through this whole new move thing so I will keep you all updated! If you like my tips or you don't leave me a comment! 

Peace and Love

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