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 5 Tips on How To Stop Sacrificing your Happiness and Well-Being

5 Tips on How to Stop Sacrificing Your Happiness and Well-Being Everyone wants to be happy, but no one wants to do the work to become happy. As women, it is a natural instinct to nurture and take care of others. I will say it is the premature mother in all of us. We will make sure that everyone around us is happy and their well-being is taken care of, but we never stop to take a look at how much it could be damaging to our own happiness and well-being. It’s like they say, “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” So why is it that we keep pouring when we have nothing to give?! Why don’t we look within to see how we can change it? Most of us were raised and trained this way because we watched our mothers and/or female role models do the same… Well, I’m here to tell you it is time for a change! It is time for us to unlearned what we have known to be true for so long. Today, we will take our first steps!

• Stop putting others before you. We begin by constantly putting the needs and wants of others before ourselves. I understand it is easier said than done, but it has to be done if you expect to be happy. Ask yourself, “Why are _______’s needs and wants more important than my own? Why do I consistently put this person first? Why do I think this person’s needs and wants should come before my own?” Train your mind now and start small. Here are a few things you can do to start: • Tell someone no! • When someone asks you something make sure you have enough resources before you agree. • Write out a list of your needs and make sure others don’t conflict with it

. • Can’t be an open book to everyone. Let me tell you here and now… Stop giving everyone a front row seat to your life. Only share information with people who pour back into you and people with positive energy. Don’t self-sabotage yourself either! Sometimes not telling anyone is the best way to go too. Pick and choose what life stories you reveal to those around you

. • Stop seeking advice and validation from others. When you don’t share your business with everyone, you automatically take away their “right” to give you unsolicited advice. Think about it? Most people don’t ask you if you want advice they just give it. Honestly, we need to listen more and talk less. Also, when you seek advice and validation from others you tell yourself that you don’t trust yourself. You have all the answers within you and getting a confirmation from someone else will diminish your intuition and cause you to rely heavily on the approval of others.

• Get rid of the people who don’t contribute to your happiness. How can you expect to be happy if you surround yourself with unhappy people? I’m just saying! Find a way to minimize the amount of time you spend with them and/or get rid of them altogether.

• Change your mindset! It’s all in your mind. For every negative is a positive. Instead of choosing to dwell on the negative, choose to think about something positive. OR when a negative situation happens tell yourself, “It’s not worth it. I will not allow this to ruin my day. It is not that serious. I will not allow he/she/it to control me.” Now, I’m not saying you are going to be happy go lucky every day but aim for the majority of your days to be filled with sunshine and rainbows.

                                            ***BONUS*** • Be mindful of your trigger points and learn when to control your emotions. What irritates you? What makes you mad? What pisses you off to the point of no return? The next time, something or someone makes you upset allow yourself to feel those emotions and react naturally. Once the situation has blown over think about why the person or situation made you so mad. Identifying your trigger points will allow you to control your emotions. So the next time Susie decides to say something sly out of the side of her mouth you won’t be so eager to have a comeback which may start a full-blown feud. When you identify what irritates you and how to control your emotions you will be more happy, because you realize that the only person in control of you is you. Take your power back sistah girl! So the next time you feel unhappy or you feel like you are all out of whack mentally, physically, and spiritually remember the five tips I shared with you today. As a matter of a fact, write them down and post them on the wall as a daily reminder. I’ll even go the extra mile and create a pretty, free downloadable pdf if you need me to (by request only!). But the point is… make your happiness a priority in your life! You can prioritize everything else. Why not start with the person who means the most, YOURSELF!!!


Hi! My name is Brianna Steele, but you can call me Bri. I am the Blogger of The Millennial Woman. After ending a nine and a half year relationship, I realized how unhappy I was within and how much self-esteem I had lost. I set out on a self-love journey to find who I was again. I share my story to connect and teach other women how to find love for themselves. We all need love, but the love that is most important to us is the love we give ourselves.

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  • Reading this post just reminds me of how much control we have over our happiness! Great tips!

    Jasamine Hill
  • Loved this post! Definitely working on the advice/validation one. I don’t need to seek the validity of what I do through anyone. All the others are keys as well.

    Crystal Santoría

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