Clearing Space- The real Way To Use Palo Santo + Clearing Herbs

Well here we are, in a new place, with new opportunities and a new start. Just when you thought that moving was going to be the cure to all of your unhappiness, here it comes to creep up and bite you where the sun doesn't shine! A lot of times we blame our failures and unhappiness on our location and the people around us, but we never stop to realize that we ourselves are a lot to blame. There have been countless missed opportunities that I have witnessed flying out the window because I allowed that to happen. Unfortunately I have fallen on my face enough times to realize that I need to make a change, Drastically. 
When I talk about clearing space I do not mean just clearing negativity from others, but clearing negativity from myself. When I say negativity, I mean anything that is not allowing me to grow. I am often stuck in my ways and i can be stubborn ( maybe that comes from being the youngest girl in my family). I am learning that I need to clear space of my own attitude, and my own habits. Sage and Palo Santo are known for clearing the negative space in the room, but they do so much more than that, they clear your mind and help you see things for what they really are.
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