Communication And Consideration: can one be without the other?

How Many Times Have You Been Into A Disagreement With Someone Because Of The Miscommunication Caused Misunderstanding? How Many Times Have You Agreed To Doing Something And You Knew From The Depths Of Your Soul You Didn't Want To? ( See The Past Blog Post On Overly Niceness )

Being Considerate Of Someones Feelings Means Saying Yes Only When You Mean Yes And Strongly Standing In Your NO. It Is Inconsiderate When We Lie To Ourselves And Others By Agreeing To Things We Should Not. That Makes Us Incapable Of Being Fully Present And That Is The Exact Opposite Of What We  Strive To Be.

Allowing Ourselves To Take The Space That We Need So That Our Bodies Can Communicate It's Needs Is More Important Than Holding Space When We Do Not Have The Capacity. When We Sit Down In Meditation For Ten Minutes A Day We Allow Our Bodies To Communicate It's Needs For The Day. Be Considerate Of Your Time, Space, And Breath. 

Be Kind To Yourself.


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