Does it elevate you?

This has been a question that we have been using to protect our energy. Daily life challenges have the ability to effect your thoughts, moods and actions. Often things are out of our direct control. This is why it is even more valuable to make wise choices about the situations that are within our power. I am here to tell you that you DO have control over your personal aura.
First, you must be aware of things that are most influential to you. We ask you to pay attention to your daily navigation. What are you watching on television? What conversations are you having? What company are you keeping? What did you eat today? What thoughts did you have? What did you listen to today?
The messages that you are exposing yourself to are being programmed and decoded to emotions,responses and behaviors.When you feed yourself with care and love, the output is favorable. Do NOT fuel your mind, body and soul with garbage and expect flowers.
Now, we understand that you may have circumstances, such as a grouchy co-worker, a trigger that reminds of you a horrible experience etc. That is why we have decided to make this into a blog series. We strongly encourage that you subscribe to our email notifications, follow our social media and join us on this journey to inner peace and healing.
By fine tuning this component you can project your positive energy upon others, and that energy will transcend. Be aware that you can also project unpleasant vibrations onto others. This is your choice.
Ask yourself this question. “Does it elevate you?” If the questions is no, then get rid of it! Let this guide you, your intentions and setting the tone for your day.
Protect your energy.

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