End of the Sememster "ITIS"

        April is here and spring has sprung! That means we are close to the end of the school semester (T-MINUS 2 WEEKS!). Feeling like you have to put in extra effort to finish that last essay that's due by tomorrow? Has your bed been feeling more comfortable than normal? Yes, we understand, and we are feeling it to... the ITIS is taking over! The ITIS the feeling of just being completely burned out, you feel like you have given the semester every ounce of your energy and you need a recharge!

We have come up with a list of ideas that will boost your spirits and regain your energy! Check it out below!


It may seem like staying up for three days to study is logical, but you will be better off taking some time to rest those brains. Getting at least eight hours of sleep between studying will do your mind and body justice! 

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What is better motivation than hearing all of your favorite songs while studying. Research shows that listening to music while memorizing helps content stick in your mind better. So jam out, turn it into a party, invite your friends!

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Reward yourself after working hard all semester! Go see a movie, do something nice for yourself, take yourself out to eat, buy that thing you have been wanting ! You deserve it!

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Relax your mind, reflect on this semester, think about all of the things that you have achieved and how far you have come to get to this position. Meditate on what you want to achieve next, and let it manifest. 

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Take your time, reflect, and relax, you are in control and you got this!

Thanks for reading!


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