First Quarter Moon In Libra, Cancer Season, and Summer Solstice 2018

Peace and greetings everyone!

Today is June 21, 2018 and what a powerful time we are in!

Today marks our first quarter moon in Libra! The theme of the day is Action and Determination along with Nurture and Seclusion. Allow the balanced energy of today to drive you into taking positive steps in achieving your goals. Let today be about you. Remember Not everyone's problems are yours to solve and not everyone's energy is yours to take on. 

Today we also enter the house of cancer so happy birthday to all of my Cancer folks out there. If you are a Cancer Sun, Moon, Rising, or Cancer dominant this is your time to cleanse, release, rebirth, and receive direct downloads from the universe. Accept the challenge of being one with your feelings and emotions no matter how strong they may be you are stronger. 

Summa, Summa, summa time!

Happy Summer Solstice Earthlings!! It is still astonishing that this amazing planet just so happens to tilt slightly enough to create seasons perfectly for the beings that encompass it's enchanted lands to be able to survive! Also bringing us the longest day of the year ( and the most daylight for the northern most hemisphere) that we refer to as Summer Solstice! Today is a great day to celebrate this planet (even though we should be everyday) by simply going outside, go and hug a tree or walk through a park. Be one with the Earth today and just say thank you to the Universe for the blessing of this planet!


Peace and Love,


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