Growing Pains

Growing up is knowing that you can and you will do better, and be stronger. Growing up is about learning your breaking points and then striving to overcome your obstacles. Growing up is about knowing that it won't always be easy and it it won't always be fun, but you get to make loads of mistakes along the way. Growing up is about not knowing everything, but trying to absorb everything you can. Growing up is about molding yourself and shaping into something that you, and only you, can be proud of, because it's important to love yourself. Growing up is about risks and chances, and taking ownership of the consequences. There will be good times and bad, but growing up is about making the best of it all with the ones you love by your side. You'll be happy and sad, and everything in between when it's all said and done. Growing up is about making sure that you can live with your choices, and being appreciative of the life you have. Growing up is about meaningful conversations over drinks with friends, and letting them know you're always gonna be there for them no matter what. Growing up is taking the time to stop and reflect on small things. Growing up is crying when you are hurt, and laughing when you are happy. Growing up is about you being the best you, you can be. Growing up is about knowing that your journey is just that, YOUR journey and everyone has a different one. Growing up is about knowing that you're growing up.

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  • This post really touched me, reminded me that I am still learning and growing, with every mistake I make.

    Jazmine Heggins

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