Hello From The Other Side : Mercury Is Back Direct!

Mercury Has Gone Back Direct And All Of The Shadows That Crept Out Of The Closet During The Retrograde Have Slowly Retreated... Until Next Time.
This Go Round We Were Also Met With The Full Moon In Libra Bringing More Of A Balance While We Were Facing Our Past Traumas. Although This May Sound Dark, The Only Way To Healing Completely Is By Looking At Our Shadows Face On. Mercury Retrograde Is Always A Gift Because It Gives Us A Chance To, In A Way, Change The Past By Offering Alternative Outcomes. Not Only To See Them But To Decode, Dissect, And Destroy So We Can Continue To Grow. 


astrology mercury retrograde GIF by Nuit app 

Release Tips :

1. Write Down Everything That Shows Up During This Time.

2. When These Aspects Show Up, Face Them. Write Down How You Feel, How You React, And How You Can Show Up Differently With Positive Intentions.

3. Take Five Minutes To Meditate With Your Intentions And Set Them Under Your Pillow.

4. Release Your Paper Into The Water Or Burn It For Release Back Unto The Universe. 

This Ritual Can Be Done Any Time We Want To Release Anything To Make Room For Our Potential Growth.

Peace And Happy Healing Lightning Bugs.

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