Highlighting Black Owned Businesses

 We want to shine some light on black owned businesses. Our first black owned business is TLH Express, a trucking company founded in 2013 by Terrell Heggins, a 31 year old entrepreneur, personal trainer, father and our brother! What started Heggins pursuance in the business was giving up an NFL dream to invest in another form of success. "I wanted to accumulate as much finance and freedom as some of my fellow counterparts did when they signed their contract... I realized that making 50, 60 thousand a year after paying student loans was not the life I wanted to live."

What motivates Terrell Heggins is his family, " I took my football competitiveness and I put it to the commerce side, that is how I became successful." We asked him what suggestions he had for aspiring Entrepreneurs and he said " you should be motivated to be better than yesterday, if you're not doing that then you shouldn't even get out of the bed."

Heggins leaves us with some words to live by: "Put action to plan. You've been talking about it with people and in your mind for so long! Put it down in writing and immediately after you're done writing put it to action, don't wait til tomorrow. If you're ready, put down the pen, and go out, put action to thought. No one can mess up your plan or throw shade, they're just watching you."

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  • We thank you for being our inspiration and support especially showing us the importance of having your own! Much love


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