Honoring Spring Equinox with Fiery Aries

Happy Solar return to all of you fiery ass Mother- loving Aries!!!
What better way to bring in your season than through honoring the Goddess Ostara,
(the Goddess of Spring), and welcoming Mercury back into retrograde! Aries (March 21-April 20) is flammable by touch, but gentle enough not to harm the spring flowers!
So cheers to you Aries, and here are some practices to embody while you are basking in your energetic field this season:
Practice Samana (On- breatthing)
Samana is associated with Aries because it requires breath from the zodiac's energy source which is Manipura (located in the navel). Samana allows digestive fire to be maintained and regulation of our organs. Also it is responsible for the assimilation of oxygen and the connection of heart to naval by unifying prana (up-breathing) and apana (down-breathing). Allowing for Aries to be balanced when this chakra is aligned. The word Samana means balance because it controls the ability to balance, hold, and contract.
"By controlling Samana, you gain Charisma and a powerful Aura." - 7 scriptures
Practice balancing Manipura (Solar Plexus Chakra)
Manipura is located in the navel and is the third of the seven main chakras. Chakra (meaning wheell) or "Chukr" is a subtle energy center located in your body that governs different parts of your body and its ability to function.
Manipura is the center for self assertion and domination.
Manatra: Fire seed mantra "Vahni-Bija"
Vahni, the diety associated with this mantra embodies all forms of light and heat (hence another reason why Aries are so hot!) Vahni is shown riding his male sheep symbolizes : creativity, divine energy of lord shiva, solar plexus, Vishnu consciousness,and sexual vitality.  all qualities of our lovely Aries men and women!
Color : Yellow 
Symbol : blood red triangle and the lotus flower with black letters
Dieties: Lord Rudra, Door Keeper Lakini, Vahni
Yoga poses to activate Manipura
1. Plank Pose
2.Child's Pose
3. Corpse Pose
Happy Solar return to all of you Aries,
Namaste' .

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