Leaning Into Trust : What Your Intuition Is Telling You

How Many Times Have You Heard "Trust Yourself", or "Trust Your Intuition"?

We Rely On Others To Give Us Advice About Our Lives And Important Decisions, 

What Would Happen If We Chose To Listen To Our Inner Voices Instead?

1. Take Our Power Back :

Releasing Codependency From Others By Allowing Yourself To Stand In Your Power And Moving On Your Own Decisions Is Step One. Taking The Time To Sit Down And Go Within, By Meditation, Planning And Trusting That You Will Make The Right Decisions. 

2. Trust The Process

Often Times When We Fully Rely On Ourselves There Is Room For Doubt. When We Only Have Ourselves To Fall Back On There Is More trust That Must Be Present In The Process. This Will Allow You To Build A Relationship With Yourself For The Future. It Is Like Taking The First Stride In A Skating Rink, You Might Sway, Your Knees Might Buckle, Might Even end Up On Your Butt A Few Times. The Key Is To Keep Trying Until You Trust Your Legs To Carry You Around The Rink To Infinity. 

3. "Everything With Ease". I Saw This Tweet Yesterday Written By Lalah Delia And That One Sentence Spoke Volumes To Me. We Often Bustle And Fuss Around Constantly In Our Heads About If Our Next Move Is The Best Move. If What We Feel Is Right, REALLY IS The Answer We Have Been Searching For... The Universe Gave Us Intuition For A Reason. It Is About Time We Started Using It... With Ease.

Be Kind To Yourself Love Bugs.



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