Mercury Retrograde 2017

Mercury Retrograde began August 12th and ends on September 5th 2017. The Retrograde is felt deeper this time around because Mercury is the ruling planet of Virgo and it is occurring during Virgo season. 

Mercury is the ruler of communication and is associated with our sensory functions. It forces us to focus on expression, not only outwardly but inward also. It pushes us to allow past situations that were unresolved to resurface. In other ways we are given the chance to face our demons and reconcile with the past. 

During this time you may feel overwhelmed with the need to speak your truth and for your voice to be heard more than ever. Do not run away from this force it is ideal for the growth that you may be working towards.

Although this time may feel a bit uncomfortable for you, make sure you are still embracing the effects, your feelings are valid so remember that everything you are experiencing is for your growth.

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