Mercury Retrograde : November 2018 Edition


Just because Mercury is moving backwards doesn’t mean the rest of us have to ! 

Hopefully this Retrograde doesn’t have your emotions too twisted to the point where you can not decipher illusion from reality. 

If you are on this page... TAKE A DEEP BREATH AND RELAX. These feelings are completely normal and you are not alone! 

You may experience: 

Mercury Retrograde brings the opportunity to face our shadow selves. It brings up our past relationships, old habits, miscommunication, emotional unrest, and clouded judgement. 

The reason for the season: 

The purpose of these things coming to the light again is so they can show parts of you that may be hindering your growth. Things may come up that you need to forgive yourself for so you can elevate. You are constantly being reminded of how far you have come and how beautiful the path ahead is! Hold onto your hats and enjoy the ride beloved! 

Life is a process and this journey was not created out of ease but it will always be worth it.

Peace, Love, and Light! 

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