New Moon in Aries 2018

It is April 15th and it is the definition of the saying "April showers bring May flowers". It is raining cats and dogs in Georgia. Allowing the plants to spring into bright colors and flourish when the Sun decides to shine again. 

Perfect timing for all of the winter weather to be washed away with the rain and high tides because of our New Moon in Aries today! A new moon is always a sign of shedding past traumas, Divine Feminine energy, and renewal. 

If you have been working with your root chakra this month you may have been feeling the effects of shedding the old you. Emotions are high as mourning who you used to be is coming to an end. It is time for the new you to emerge and you are more than ready for this transition. 

Yoni Steaming:

Yoni steaming is a perfect way to honor the new moon. Clearing your root chakra and releasing toxins and past traumas with our herbal blend (Womb Tea) is a great way to start the new moon cycle.

Journaling exercise:

Write out three things you have outgrown (people, places, hobbies, etc.)

Write out three things you want to embody this year

Affirmation exercise:

I am allowing all things that do not serve me in this life to be released from me

I am allowing myself to receive guidance light and love and to send guidance light and love back

Clearing exercise:

 Donate, sell, and or throw away all things in your work space and home space that do not serve you and that add clutter to your life. (maybe not all at once but gradually)

May the New Moon bring you clarity and peace after all of the shedding has ceased and know that everything you go through, you grow through.

-Peace love and light


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