"Next Life time" Zombies Ft. Erykah Badu

Now what am I supposed to do when I want you in my world
How can I want you for myself when you been hurt being someone's girl
First time I laid eyes on you I felt it
Was just too young to accept it But still knew it was special
You had me open like a treasure Friends from now till never
Made it better when life rainy weather only made it wetter
I'm feeling yo vibe
I stare in yo eyes
I see your thoughts like mines
Wandering all of the time
Mentally flying consciously I'm high
And if you decide that what we feeling is right
Then just maybe you'll open heart up and I could walk inside
And I know this shit been crazy
How we been feeling lately
Maybe the planets aligned with the perfect balance saving
Grace at paces your perfect placement into my matrix
could never fade like imagination my mind is racing heart contemplating
While trying to make it Grinding pavement
These niggas shady but claim the sun guess I can't blame em
I know you dance with the moon I know yo dad with angels
I know you move how you move you was Hurt by a perfect stranger
But your energy Feels so damn good to me
Pick me up and make me smile I'm guessing that you good for me
Take you to my hood and see roots and what it used to me
Guess she getting used to me I ain't trying fuck it up I ain't trying to do to much and she understand me yea Yea I want you to myself
Knowing I can't be yo man So if my lifestyle would
Lead us next life time Hope it's the right time when I see you On my next life line
Vonte "Wood Zombie" is an artist in Detroit, Michigan
Check out the song on Soundcloud by following the link below!

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