Nice For What: Overly Nice V.S Respectable

Drake Was Right On Time When He Released The Song "Nice For What". Often Times Being Nice Is So Conditioned In Our Brains From Childhood, That We do Not Realize How It Is In Fact NOT Working In Anyone's Favor. (Especially Not Ours). 

There Is A Difference Between Being Kind And Overdoing Niceness. 

Allowing Other's To Mistreat Us And Then Brushing It Off Without Addressing The Matter Is Detrimental To Our Mental Health. We Can Combat This By Setting Clear Boundaries And Calling Out The Crossing Of Them When It Happens. This Rewires The Brain And Gives Others The Understanding That You Too Deserve Respect.

Saying NO When We Mean NO And Not Saying Yes Because We Want To Please Others Is A Form Of Being Kind To Ourselves. Agreeing To Something Out Of False Obligation Is Abuse To Ourselves. The Saying "You Have To Give Respect To Get Respect" Was To Be Interpreted Inwardly. Give YOURSELF Respect And In Turn Others Will GIVE You Respect. The Law Of Attraction.

Be Kind To Yourself Love Bugs.

- Jaz


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  • Hey Jaz! I normally don’t leave comments but I felt the need to do so after reading this post. I’ve struggled with being too nice for YEARS and I put up with a lot of bull, especially from men. As a 26 year old woman, I’m working on breaking that bad habit and learning to love/respect myself and demand it from everyone I encounter. Thank you so much for posting this, it was divine and right on time! 💕💕🙏🏽


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