Self Acceptance, Appreciation, and Motivation

Self motivation is a trait that not many people are born with. Before it is perfected there is a long road of self doubt, self loathing, procrastination, and many other self inflicted issues. I am still in a place where I am learning what motivates me to get things done. I am constantly battling with procrastination, but I have narrowed down some reasons why self motivation is difficult:

Get rid of Self Doubt: Self doubt will break you down worse than any outside source. It is like wearing Ankle weights in the ocean and expecting to float. If you spent as much time encouraging yourself as you do doubting then you would be one thousand times happier and more successful. 

Learn Self Appreciation: appreciate your flaws and show them to the world! Rest the internal struggle to want to be perfect, and realize that you already are! Confidence is key. No one is going to love you more than yourself so give yourself a hug and take care! 

Self Motivation is a lifestyle in its self. It is something that needs to continuously worked towards because on those days you need an extra pick me up, you will need the tools to motivation. Always remember why you're doing what you are doing and let that motivate you. Never give up. 


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