Solful Sunday

July 9th 2017 was the awakening of the full moon in Cancer. The magic was alive and in full bloom as we met at Whittier Mill Park for our first bi-weekly event Solful Sundays. Everyone came out with their vibrations high and as we sat down on our yoga mats we knew that we were in the right space and time. Different people from various walks of life coming together to talk, listen, give, release, and receive. The energy that revolved around this intimate group was outstanding. 

Solful Sundays is a community event that is based on becoming reunited with the universe. We are nature (Dust to Dust, Ashes to Ashes). We need the sun to thrive and survive and that is where the title SolFul Sundays evolved, Sol means sun and also means peace.

Solful Sundays is a safe space to rejuvenate, relax and relate to others. We come together to talk about different topics that pertains to mental, physical, and all around holistic health. This first Solful Sunday we focused on Clearing Space and what that meant for everyone. We participated in a moon ritual and enjoyed some group journaling. 

The most rewarding aspect of all was the wonderful insight from the group and the energy exchange. thank you all who participated and those who send good vibes from afar. want to be a part of Solful Sundays? Join us this Sunday at Brook Run Park at 11am Eastern Time until 1 pm. Can't wait to see you all 

Ashe' and Namaste'.

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