The Fight For Human Rights : An Ode To The LGBTQ+ Community

June Is Pride Month For The LGBTQ+ Community. Although, For Some Of Us, We Feel Completely Excluded From The Celebration. Pride Is Often White Washed, Mainly Showing Gay Men, And Rainbows, But That Is Not Where It Began.

The Stonewall Riots In 1969 Is Where It Began. When A Popular Gay Bar Called The Stonewall Inn, in Greenwich Village Was Raided By Police Officers. In The 1960's People Were Being Arrested For Being Black, And They Were Being Arrested For Being Black And GAY. Trans, Gay, Bi, And Other Members Of The LGBTQ Community Rose Against The Police And Began To Riot Back Allowing The Revolution To Begin. 

Among The Crowd Were Marsha P Johnson A 25 Year Old Black Transgender Drag Queen, And  Sylvia Rivera, A 17 Year Old Transgender Teen. After Being A Part Of The Stonewall Riots They Came Together To Create And Co-Found The Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries. A Group That Worked With Homeless Drag Queens And Women Of Color In New York. 

The Fight For Visibility, The Fight For Human Rights, The Fight For People Of Color, The Revolution, Is What PRIDE Is About. Yes It Should Be Celebrated With Inclusive Parades And Parties, But, We Should Never Forget Where It Began And What We Fought for. 

Happy Pride 

- Jaz A Bisexual 25 Year Old Woman 


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