The Wound Is Where The Light Enters : Healing Through Our Shadows

"The Wound Is Where The Light Enters You." -Rumi

Such A Melodic Sentence To Describe A Deep Dive Into Your Own Healing. Often Times When Painful Memories Leave Room For Trauma To Set In, It Becomes Difficult To Navigate Through Life Without A Crutch .In Other Words, Instead Of Dealing With Those Events And How They May Have Slightly Changed Our Molecular Structure We Hide Behind Substances, Addictions, And Behaviors.

How Do We Learn To Operate Outside Of That Wounded Space? We Start With Dissecting The Hurt. What Was The Exact Event And How Did It Make You Feel?

Stare Those Feelings In The Eye And Understand That This Thing Happened To You To Grown You, And To Help You Become The Amazing Human Being you Are Today.

Turn Your Habits Into Rituals That Help You Break Down Everything That Comes Up For You. 

* Keep A Journal To Track Every Time You Want To Run From Your Feelings.

* Talk To A Therapist Or A Counselor 

* Allow Others To Share In Your Healing 

* Do Not Criticize Yourself On Your Journey. It Takes Time To Heal, It Is A Process.

Be Kind To Yourself Love Bugs


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