It was you

The deep blue crept across the 5:45 pm sky and slowly swallowed the sun. Tired from warming the planet all day the sun happily resigned, wishing the world good night with streams of yellow, burnt orange, and blood red, then blue. One by one the stars began winking at each other waiting for their presence to be acknowledged. The wind decided to make an appearance, causing the trees to do their nightly samba. Yet with all of this beauty going on my eye was caught in a day dream. It was you again, You and I on a sticky summer day, you could tell autumn was amidst because the landscape was turning golden brown as if I was looking through a filter in the lens of my camera. The water on Lake Michigan was so still you could see fish sneak attacking toes. It was as if our energy fields were intertwined because I was reading your thoughts, and you were living inside of mine. I knew what love was the moment your brown eyes smiled at me. My heart started beating counter clockwise and has never been the same since then. Time has a way of changing your reality, that was just last year and you are no longer my happy place. I have rewired my heart and it may skip a couple beats here and there but it is just fine. there has been many more beautiful sunny days and the nights are just as peaceful only now the moon keeps me company when I get lonely.

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