Afro For Your Future



There are endless possibilities

Nothing is set in stone

We cannot predict the future but can still build a home

We plan for what's next by investing now

Afrofuturism is the spectrum in which we are healing from now

We are acting how we want to be

We are exactly where we ought to be

Building our narratives when we were pushed to the side

I say to those,

Dream on brother dream on

Dream on sister dream on

Though anxiety might rise

Invest my sister invest

Invest my brother invest

Because this ain't just about you, but your legacy too has to have a throne to sit on

Find, plant, and grow

Then you and your people can go further than the past generation

It's all cyclical

see how we rise?

See how we move through our destiny

See how we make joy from our pain

Lemonade out of stale lemons

And dirty water

We will always be refreshed

We will always be here

Because when the world ends there will be cockroaches, styrofoam and black people

Written By: Jasmine "IVANNA" Espy

Age: 24

Birthday: August 3rd, 1993 Kalamazoo, MI

Bio: Ivanna began writing at a young age. "Much like Maya Angelou, when I was a child I didn't speak much." She was not welcomed to express herself vocally. " I took to writing to express the thoughts I was often denied in speaking." She honed her skills as she continued creating and she is now in a position where writing is her profession. 

Ivanna is a freelance and broadcast journalist, song writer, ghost writer, poet, and many other titles.

"Essentially I want to share my perspective to the world. Each of us lives a unique life and my lens has always been one I've wanted to showcase to the world."

Instagram: @whoisivanna

Facebook: Ivanna Espy


Blog: bgedetroit

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