In Memory OF


In Memory of...

Our great great grandfathers

They did not drown crossing the Atlantic Ocean

Merely Only melted

Like sugar often does

When kissed by water

I told em

Told em being black that late at night go’n kill em

Told em darkness has a tendency to swallow brown skin like chocolate

Ain’t it funny how God made us so edible

So dirt cake sweet

Made us out of sand and mud

But forgot to change our color

That must mean we special

Must be something about how we can blend in with a lunar eclipse

Told em if he held his breath in the moonlight

He could hear the North Star speaking to him

But these stars only like to call him home

I told em the media can’t find a black boy's body in 7 days

That he would never be a priority

So stop blending in with Midnight

Making best friends with Shadows

Letting the night hold him like kin

Told em not to be so black

That tree branches get lustful

With a neck so sweet

That nooses lick their lips in thought of him

Told he was candied

Something sweet enough for danger to indulge in

Somewhat Jim Crow Sucrosed

A sugar cane baby

I told him that blackness likes to engulf things that look like him

Alike recruits alike

Told him we were bought here in boats

And sugar melts in water

So the ones that didn't fall overboard

We're meant to die anyway


Written By: Jason B. Crawford
Age: 28
Birthday: August 18, 1988 Washington, DC
Jason has a Degree in Creative writing from Eastern Michigan University
Bio: What motivates Jason to write is his own feelings. "Injustice motivates me to speak"
Facebook: Jason B. Crawford

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