The Lonely Fight

Be aware soldier, this fight is not for the weak at heart. It will tear you apart if you allow. 
It feels like the world is on your shoulders, constantly. It seems like the tides will never slow
down for you. one day you may lose this battle and slip away, are you ready for this? No one
can teach you how to win, it is far too late. Everyone will tell you "keep fighting" "it gets
better". They know nothing, I have seen my own mother loose this fight and many before her.
They will tell you how over dramatic you are, and that you need to seek help. Who can save
you from the darkness inside of you but yourself? Are you strong enough? Are you willing to
accept that you will be misunderstood? You will loose those who are close to you, because
they do not understand. This is the Lonely Fight. It comes for you like a thief in the night. as it
learns all of your defense mechanisms it grows stronger. Are you afraid? Does that bridge
seem easier to jump than this life feels to live? Will you give up? You may feel like you won
the fight for a while, but unfortunately that was just a battle, you have much more to endure.
can you do it? This life you live is a roller coaster soldier, I understand, but it is your roller
coaster. While you are fighting your battles on the lows I hope your highs are endless.
and if you decide that this life is too much to bear one day, I will understand. I hope you
learn to dance with your Demons as much as your Angels, and laugh as much as you have cried.
-The Lonely Soldier.
Written by Jazmine Heggins
Age: 23
Birthday: October 15th, 1993 San Bernadino, CA
Bio: Jazmine Heggins has been writing poetry and short stories since elementary school. She is the Co-Owner of Belightfilled LLC, where she takes on the title of content creator. She is a full time Journalist and Patient Care Technician. Motivation for her writing began as just an infatuation with fairy tales and mythology. As she grew older writing became therapy for her and her writing turned into heartfelt poetry and spoken word. Her short stories are often related to past experiences and dreams of past lives. 
In the future Jazmine plans to write, film, and direct her own productions. 
"One thing I want to share with the world is to never lose that spark that allows you to unapologetically be you."


  • This is beautiful..I love this..
    I wish Brenda was here.
    I know she’s would be so proud of you

  • You are amazing. The most beautiful soul & purest heart. Love this.

    Tamisha Robinson

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