I feel like we should take things back.
To the days of trapper keepers, Lisa Frank, Dunkaroos and All That.
I mean to where things were simple.
Where hand written notes trumped two word text messages and Saturday morning cartoons were what we lived for.
When our knees got dirty from playing outside and not from always being down on them.
The days where we would fall down and get right back up again.
Is this really how we function as a society?
I miss the children we used to be.
The ones that were friends with everyone and didn’t judge others for what they wore or put on their feet.
The days where the world was our playground and our eyes weren’t buried in screens.
I want to go back to that.
Like four flats on a cadillac, sunscreen, grass stained jeans, and a used backpack.
The days where we dreamt big and knew what we wanted to be but instead we focus more on what we want others to see.
Is that us? I think we need to recollect.
Can it be Friday, Next Friday, or Friday After Next?
 Let’s go back to when playing games meant n64 not wasting someone’s time.
Things aren’t simple we transformed, no rolling back Optimus Prime.
I mean honestly, let’s take it back to the start
Can we stop messing with love because Elmer’s glue can’t fix broken hearts.
Why did we want to grow up so bad and so fast?
What I want, what I really really want, is for us not to forget the past.
And although we’ve come to the end of the road there’s still something I need to say.
No matter how much we grow up, I want us to look back.
I can’t wait til the day we can say Hey Arnold we really were a bunch of Rugrats.
Written by Jessica Terry
Age: 24
Birthday: December 1st, 1992 Osage Beach, MO
Bio: Jessica has been writing since she was in elementary school. she continued writing through high school where she took a hiatus. Losing loved ones, focusing on school, and working caused her to set writing aside for a while. She has recently began creating again. Her personal experiences and others experiences are what motivate her to write. "My dreams and my friends, and family are what motivate me."
Jessica plans to pursue her career in writing, for now she is in school studying writing. She wants to create her own novels, songs, and productions.
I want to be able to create works that can either inspire others or that others are able to relate to."
You can find Jessica via social media:
Snapchat: @Cloudyjt
Instagram: @Cloudy_jt



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