Perception of Me

So many things run through my mind

Where do I begin?

At the point where I didn't return?

Or before what made me turn in the first place?

One look through my eyes and maybe one could emphasize with my perception

Or begin to realize that what I interpret could be a misconception

The 🌙 moon

Full moon has been out

You haven't seen??

The moon persuades the waters

They communicate

Vibrations of the water x the frequency & gravitational pull of the moon

So which are you? The moon and its gravity or the water and its frequency?

What's your perception?

Of the moon

Of the waters

Of me

Of us

Are you in tune with my vibrations?

Do you love to lust the perfect thought of what could be

Or do you accept your reality

How do you perceive me for you
Written By: Wood Zombie
Age: 25
Birthday: June 1, 1992 Detroit, MI
Bio: What inspires Wood Zombie to write are his own experiences with life, what he has felt and what he perceives from his dreams. He allows himself to admire the beauty in many things. "love, hurt, joy, pain, life, and frequency." 
Wood Zombie writes poems, raps, children's books, short stories, and comics.
"The frequency, vibration, and perception is everything."
Instagram: @Kushandpoetry
Twitter: @Kushandpoetry

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