Womb Tea

Womb Tea

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Vaginal/Yoni Steaming is an ancient technique utilized to assist with the natural process and restoration of women's reproductive system. Organic herbal blends are used to steam the vagina. 

We Offer Four Belightfilled Womb Teas:

Release: Suitable for spiritual and emotional release. Let go of anything/ experience/person that does not serve you. 

Detoxing: Best in support of physical health concerns inclusive to (Yeast Infections, Bacterial Vaginosis, Unpleasant Scent, Infections, Toxins)

Gentle: This gentle Womb Tea was created to include a mild approach to vaginal steaming. This is suitable for maintenance of PH balance and upkeep of healthy flora.

Custom: Our vaginal steams are handcrafted and are available for personalizing each order to fit the needs of each individual yoni. Upon purchase you will receive an email for your customization needs. We ask that you respond immediately to complete your order. 

Common Herbs are Yarrow, Red Clover, Red Raspberry and Nettles.