Belightfilled LLC. was founded with a simple idea-TELL YOUR STORY SIS!

In 2012, Ashley found herself at her mother’s funeral with the responsibility of telling her mother’s life story. Being able to intricately unravel how her mother inspired so many people, ‘was a survivor’, as she always quoted, and overcame so many life challenges, was a heavy responsibility. Two years later, Ashley found herself in the same position at her grandmother’s funeral.

She questioned “Why Me?” As life evolved, the “Why Me?”, changed to “Why Not Me?” Ashley was inspired to infuse her mother’s stories with the health disparities that often impact families and communities. She is remembering her story through family lineage, ancestral knowledge and community support as a psychotherapist, women wellness advocate and holistic healer.

Ashley infuses her background in psychology, social work and mental wellness coaching to support others towards their path of healing. She specializes in natural products ,wellness apparel, body movement/yoga workshops, kemetic reiki, mindfulness events and creative content expressing her holistic wellness journey.

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