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Self-Care Sessions

Holistic Wellness






TRAP HEALING is a self-care day LIT-uation (celebration) created to cultivate space for POC to take time to tune into their physical, mental and spiritual selves. Through a series of exercises, participants will engage in accessible healing modalities by incorporating the Trap Music genre. This event creates rejuvenation, awareness and self-empowerment in a safe, relaxing and LIT environment.

We welcome persons of all ages and backgrounds to attend this event. Please note that some of the music may be explicit. (Hey F_*k clears the throat chakra right?)

**This workshop can also be modified to be age appropriate for adolescents and teenagers/ as desired.**


Within This Workshop:

Examine common myths and stigmas as related to mental, emotional and physical wellness within marginalized communities. 

Explore physical, mental and emotional health disparities

Raise awareness about the importance of developing a self-care plan 

Experience yoga, meditation and trap/rap music as a tool for self-liberation